Liquid Chlorine

Using Liquid Chlorine to sanitise your pool will give a marked improvement in water quality. Cloudiness caused by incorrect mixing of granulated products is avoided because Liquid Chlorine comes ready to use in liquid form.

There is no risk of fire or explosion with Liquid Chlorine, and problems with sludge disposal and irritating dust are also eliminated.

Because Liquid Chlorine is pre-mixed, no chlorine is wasted or lost and pool water maintenance time is substantially reduced.

Liquid Chlorine will enhance dosing system efficiency. It will not cause blockages in nozzles or valves, nor will it form hardness deposits on pipe-work and other surfaces.

The concentrated liquid form of Liquid Chlorine (more than twice that of saturated chlorine solutions made from granulated chlorine products) means instant shock dosing is easily achieved.

Pools using granulated chlorine products can change directly to Liquid Chlorine without having to be emptied and refilled.

Liquid Chlorine provides the opportunity to reduce pool water treatment costs.

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